Data Recovery/Video Surveillance Entry Six Thousand Five Hundred And Four (6504)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/June 8th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Doctor Danielle Hussein, Two [2] – Victor Flynn, Three [3] – Camilla Webb/Location: Transit

Victor again catches up to Doctor Hussein. And for a second time he grabs a hold of her arm to spin her around. However as Doctor Hussein turns she slashes a wrench across his face.

Victor goes down, hard.

[2] ARGH!!!!

The scientist attempts to talk but fails as his jaw has been shattered by the force of the blow his superior unleashed upon him. Instead, all that comes out is a roar of slurred words mixed with a howl of pain.

[1] I told you not to. Why didn’t you listen?

Doctor Hussein roars as she raises the wrench high over her head.

Victor cowers, only able to raise his arm in the seconds before Doctor Danielle Hussein brings the wrench down. The impact shatters his wrist and another scream blasts from his mouth. It is followed by whimpers and whines. They are attempts at pleas of mercy, but with his jaw shattered they are just sounds and nothing else.

However, Danielle does not stop. She quickly raises and then brings the wrench down again. This third strike slams into Victor’s face. He screeches in reply and goes flat on his back. But Danielle brings the wrench down for a fourth, fifth and sixth time. Each wallop is a sickening, bone shattering blow to the man’s face.

By the time the fifth strike is delivered Victor is silent. He makes no more noise. Instead, the only sounds are that of the wet crunches as the wrench continues to crush the pulp that had once been the man’s face and the audible sounds of exertion Danielle lets slip from between her lips as she heaves and rips the heavy blunt tool from the smashed remains of the man’s head.

[3] What the…

Danielle raises her head and glares at Camilla who has happened upon this and soon begins to back away from the clearly insane chief scientist, whose face is now etched with a crazy smile.

Camilla manages three backward steps before she turns and races off attempting to escape Doctor Danielle Hussein who launches into her pursuit some five seconds after.

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