Data Recovery/Audio Log Entry Forty Three (43)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/Team Leader Log/June 7th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Omar Carmine

[1] June 7th. Omar…. Oh I give up. You know damn well who’s giving these entries. And after the day I’ve had I’m in no mood for this contrived corporate bullshit. So if this isn’t to your corporate liking, shove it and get a life.

Omar exhales loudly.

[1] We still haven’t rescued the stranded trio. We can’t even agree on how. And any attempt to make a definitive decision by himself has been met with confrontation from a subset of the others. That’s including those stranded by the way. It makes me wonder whether people are suited to being in a place like this. It’s nothing like being in a house. Even if you can’t go outside you can at least see something out a window. That just isn’t the case here. There’s nothing to look at. Unless you wish to stare at the inky black, that is. Plus, we’re strangers. It isn’t like having friends and family drop round to visit after you’ve broken your leg. We’re here to do a job. Professionally there are ties but personally the expedition is the first time any of us have been together. It’s starting to show. Arguments have become a regular occurrence and to make matters worse we still can’t get in contact with the surface. If that lasts much longer I’ll be making the decision, damn the professional consequences and bickering that will come along with it. We can only wait so long.

Log entry ends but catches the beginning of a deep inward breath from Omar.

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