Hi, it’s me!Would you like to talk maybe?Introductions and questions follow on.Line after line we are getting along.All sounds good with no confusion.Both parties are without delusion.Without realising the minutes have become days.Two having passed when everything fades.No response, no indication.Just blanked mid-conversation.What is the reason?Is there a cause?No way of knowing.Time to get going.CauseContinue reading “Silhouette”


Climb the ladder without an ounce of remorse.Whatever comes will serve the collision course.An event you orchastrated to gain some ground.There is no way of simply getting around…Every game that you have pieced together.One wrong move will see us unwillingly wither.Crumple up so you can get your way.This is despicable, I really must say.That youContinue reading “Climber”

Sick And Sadness

Sick of the loss,And sick of the losing.Sick of the heartache,And sick of… Watching so many fall away.These moments are precious,Don’t want all this decay.With a head full of memories,And a heart full of names;It keeps on turning until the very end. Sick of the seperation,And sick of the tolls.Sick of the screams,Cause they’re allContinue reading “Sick And Sadness”

Beholder Is Colder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Pity so much is becoming colder.Based on one, two or three.Selection of the image to get some prosperity.But in truth none of them have a care.It’s why all they do is sit and stare.Judgement rendered if they don’t agree.Fanatics and fools fill an inbox with uncertainty.Cause the mindContinue reading “Beholder Is Colder”

Seventh Cell

Summer is almost here! Not really sure why I felt like pointing that out. Probably because I can’t really say much about this story without ruining it. I would be interested to know if you saw the ending coming or not. You might. Maybe let me know! The ground beneath Xeria Parduche’s feet rocks violentlyContinue reading “Seventh Cell”

Wrinkles And Ruptures

Not sure where I stand on the line.All that I can say is that I’m feeling fine.Wrinkles and ruptures stain all the skies.Have I put in for one too many tries?It seems like the bark is withered and sharp.The worse it grows the more sings the harp.Yet I refuse to turn and skip off.Or beContinue reading “Wrinkles And Ruptures”

Beauty And Butchery

You look a little too innocent.Might be you’re contrived.Is there honest intent?Maybe you just wish to be prized. I’m not sure and so I stay away.Something doesn’t feel quite right to me. Lashes flutter, sweet brown eyes.Smile seems too prevalent.You’re surrounded by guys.Think I catch a hint of malevolent. I’m not sure and so IContinue reading “Beauty And Butchery”

Caged Hearts

Wrapped in the cloth of deception.Is this what we dare to call inception?Doesn’t quite meet the grade.Might just be where we all wither and fade. Pick at the scab and hope limits will be overcome.To tread here feels like being blind, deaf and dumb.Let our hearts beat without threat of imprisoning. Bathed in salts andContinue reading “Caged Hearts”

Cheered On

Push the pin and remember your goal;It lies out beyond the synthetic shoal.Future draped in finery and fun.To get there you have to overcome;Fight against the tyranny of normal,Everything has become so formal,Plotted out with permanence and rigidity,It all looks and feels like stupidity.But that does not mean you must adhere.Just be aware you willContinue reading “Cheered On”