Our New Dawn

Hearing the crack of the whip,Feels like I might soon slip.Never forget from where you came.Some will make every day a game. Rejection is but a piece in the puzzle.There are some in need of a muzzle.For they wish ill upon the masses.Believing they deserve free passes.Pilfer and propser under a banner.Title best suiting wouldContinue reading “Our New Dawn”

Vent Contemporary

I took the root out from the ground.Thought this might be the way to sound,Like an enemy not ready for the war.Tired of mounting revenge against the sore. I just want a way to vent contemporary! Linger in the faults of the vision.Too little too late is the decision.Sections missing from the puzzle.Mind filled withContinue reading “Vent Contemporary”

Born For Battle

Aim, I scream, you fire!Deep within is our desire.Joined from three minutes in.We are the devil/angel twin.Trauma to the head of pain.Disillusion won’t come round again.Promise carved into the bark.One that sat alone in the park.Upon the hill where we’d play.Those days seem so far away.Yet so little has changed.Unlike others we are not estranged.WeContinue reading “Born For Battle”


Getting right into it, the title should hint at potentially what might be going on in this story. Because of that I’m not going to say too much about it. Truthfully, I don’t even suggest when it is set. Be interested to see what you the readers believe is its setting. Anyway, enough from me,Continue reading “Illusionary”

Blue Rose

Petals of azure.Have to say still not sure.A spring in the step.Placing your bet.Thorns on the shaft.Moments being daft.Hue of lime green.I’m feeling mean.Stab through the skin.Calling it a win. Soon it will wilt.Months filled with guilt.End of an era.Never been clearer.Loss of the leaves.Stolen by thieves.Dance on the wind.Obsessed ’til sinned.Withering away.Natures finality.


So frequent are the claims that I don’t belong.I’ve started to hear it in every birds sweet song.A ripple deep inside that’s beginning to shift.Once it blooms it’ll be the worst kind of gift. But you won’t back down,And can’t seem to quit;Each day I’m becoming more sickened by it. Exclusion for reasons never quiteContinue reading “Manipulation”

Shrivel And Snivel

Shrivel these words you snivel.Every line out your mouth is drivel.Pivoting just to cause a row.Still wondering why and how.It makes little sense to anybody.Yet sounds like it may be your hobby.Sad state of affairs.Pointless to force others into tears.THough bully would be a better label.Your past is made from fable.Not an ounce of truthContinue reading “Shrivel And Snivel”


Hey, the first story of May. OK that rhymed and wasn’t intentional. Anyway, the story this week is one that changed quite a bit from the idea to what it is now. That’s because I sort of envisioned it as more comedy, but didn’t come out like that as it was being written. Reality is,Continue reading “Inaugural”