Shock Is Gone

Fractious with failed intentionToo many faults to mentionPack of wolves amongst the sheepWave goodbye to an ounce of sleep Bloodlust, this is the look I see in your eyesHeaven sent, are words that no one criesSurprise! What has come is forced forgottenOld mistakes that breed rottenTrapped behind the wall of leadVoices scream out they’re deadContinue reading “Shock Is Gone”


Scratching at the ever itchThe place that I used to stitchHampered by some foreign sightJust before the blinding lightDropping to my battered kneesBegging for information keysWhile vicious tones continue to ringAsking if I think I’ll get out of this thing?Response beyond my mentions hereI could really do with venting fearInstead I rub at my fleshHopingContinue reading “Unravel”

Sabotaged By Your Disaster

You don black wings, to start ascensionPity that you, sold redemptionSo now you flounder, all for nothingDesperate to become, the next somethingBut that ship has sailed, and left you waitingYour hope is gone, and now your hating Self-infliction, that you can’t settleFailed the test, broke your mettleParalysed by the loss, of no inclusionThat’s why youContinue reading “Sabotaged By Your Disaster”

Infect, Die, Repeat

Infect, die, repeatMan is obsoleteBodies in the bagsRaising of white flagsWhat a way to liveLike being convictedSentenced to the graveContrary to braveIgnore what should be doneRecycled lie againCast out all the factBreaching of a pactSlither through the reedsNot the way to beSiphon from the coreExploiting fatal flaw Perish not remainCast the world in flameCackle inContinue reading “Infect, Die, Repeat”

Falter The Part

Misdirection is the gameEasiest route to take to fameWhat’s in the mirror is not reflectionEverything seen is part of the rejectionForming up just to drag it downIf there is a declaration it’s lost by the crownShattered line along which to followAll that remains is the sorrow Now don’t tell me you believe this to beContinue reading “Falter The Part”


Giving life for a causeMartyrs don’t write the lawsSuicide by inciting hateNot a life that was great Preaching to the empty choirLying about how much powerHoping to gain some groundThen twist what they have found Oppression by another nameIt will always be lameLike a bullet to an innocent mindControlling will never be kind Instigate butContinue reading “Martyr”


Passing on the seldom sunOne filled with opposite funStranded with a filthy glowChaos is what will showStuck in the desert sandWith only the constant landJoking with the blasted rockNot sure if I’ve come unstuckVisions of a safe havenIs this my brain getting even?Tricks wrapped in memoriesNot sure if its real or make believeRaised hand toContinue reading “Descending”