Wrapped And Trapped

Gorge and replicate yourself on a fantasyBut will you realise that the real meWalked across the threshold to the sodden doorThere’s no way back and you continue to abhor The rotting teeth chatter in veinYou have a brand new disease to nestle with painSo just for once why not open your eyesI know you fearContinue reading “Wrapped And Trapped”

Road To Take

Push to the frontIgnore what they wantIt wasn’t built for twoEverything’s for you So don’t let them bleed the sourceOr you’ll end up without recourseJust a circling the drainHead without a working brain Push to the frontIgnore what they wantIt wasn’t built for twoEverythings for you Wriggle out the mass of fleshThe pile with whichContinue reading “Road To Take”

One Way Ride

Actors put on a play most decadentSoon their energies will be spentApproximation waiting in the wingsLaying claim to the final bell rings So open those eyes and gaze upon this misalignmentTo retread this route would be most violentFor what has formed is not what should thriveRefute that and no soul will ever get out aliveIt’llContinue reading “One Way Ride”

Tragedy Is Not OK

Assaulted for being a ratThen comes in the baseball batBludgeoned til you’ve no sightSoon snuffed out will be your light What a display that should never ever beTook a life cause it was not as hard as it should beKilled so easily Scream until you’re brokeThen your throat they’ll chokeMake you suffer for being aliveWhatContinue reading “Tragedy Is Not OK”


Patented your own brand of hateAll your words are wrong and fakeSick of hearing you blather onHurry up and be goneNo time to sit and listenYour shining star is still missingSevered your realityJust your presence is draining me Get awayStation not propriety Forging pain with a slip of the tongueFeel a tightening in my lungWhatContinue reading “Salescum”