Not Meant To Be

You say oneI’ll say twoBut if say threeI’ll simply fleeCause this is not the happy hallsRuptures have forged the fallsBlowing at the static spiresThe ones from which you conspiredInformation overloadSearching for another modeUniform state of pauseThis has began the causeOf warring over empty wordsNeither of us will be heardGuilt across every laneA duo wrapped inContinue reading “Not Meant To Be”

Tears Of Blood

Tears of bloodThey’re back againLeft in mudStill the victim I watched and said nothingA coward ’til completionMissing the mark everytimeYou feel betrayal rise and sendAs you slip down the hillLeft to wallow in the gutterReturn of pure disaster Tears of bloodThey’re back againLeft in mudStill the victim Judgment passed without a causeAttacks come from everyContinue reading “Tears Of Blood”


Downtrodden,Have I been forgotten?Obsolete,Makes me feel so weak Truth is I’m just a small little antAnd this conversation might spark a rantPeople screaming about how I don’t matterIn all fairness they have a point to their chatterAfter all we are billions strongSo who cares about a single one? Downtrodden,Have I been forgotten?Obsolete,Makes me feel soContinue reading “Frown”

Turned Around

Return from disasterWant to be masterWon’t bend a kneeToo busy with the spreeSwirling funnel of leavesRazored to make you bleedBartered away the soulAll for a dose of controlPatchwork like the heavensProcessed into confessionsJekyll without a HydeReady to consume prideUntil the roads divergeThen comes the herdsCrushing the only goalA plan left unwholeWeaving through the fightYelling linesContinue reading “Turned Around”

The New Old Nightmare

Bump in the night might give you a frightSee if you can make it out aliveSpectre walks down the shattered rowPray to some God you don’t even know Run for cover and hope to surviveIt’ll be worse when they arriveGhouls that feast on still living skinThis life of yours may soon be ending Dip, duckContinue reading “The New Old Nightmare”

Wasting Away

Useless sack of jellyStaring at the tellyDon’t have a clueWho’s the real youForgotten all the factsLets get straight to thatImage in your brainNothing left to drainBut you want to riseCollecting every prizeStand atop the pileWearing a daft smileWhile you grow real fatSimilar to a catNot the kind you petInstead the ones who betSo why notContinue reading “Wasting Away”