Death Of Gods

I’m here again with another Wednesday story post. And this time I have a long one for all of you (about 21,000 words). It was never intended to be as long as it is but I got a little carried away. Anyway enough of that. This is a story about how power can corrupt andContinue reading “Death Of Gods”


Cross the names off of the listPerpetual state of won’t be missedTie the noose around the stoneSend them down to the depths belowOne more trick up the sleeveNo one here remembers reprieveJust an outline etched in chalkBecause of the person they did stalkDrove the madness right off the bendCan you not simply comprehend? Well itContinue reading “Cataloging”

Turn The Key

Creeping in the halls of painAnother trophy calls your nameShouting dreams of heresyCan the future ever be free?As the clock does strike twelveSing for revolution bellsFor a night without falling shellsYou pay the piper to end the spell Dillusions of a broken mindThe world will never be so kindSpectres of a broken soulWatch as youContinue reading “Turn The Key”


Freedom fighter, terroristJust a matter of perspectiveEven if you use another nameThey all link just the sameInsurgent is another termMuch like being a militantAll claim its for rights and fairnessBut murder shouldn’t be permittedIf you kill then you are the causeAnother criminal outside the lawsSoldiers without a uniformLittle more than hell spawnCutting down who youContinue reading “Extremist”

Far And Further Away

Back again with another story. A Sci-Fi story, set in space. It revolves around one woman and her starships navigational computer system. It’s about 11,300 words long. So without further ado, here is Far And Further Away. The view beyond the canopy of the Transit class freighter is the same in this part of theContinue reading “Far And Further Away”

Grand Delusion

You beg to prosperWhile I see you fosterYour hand upon the blackbookThose listed for punishmentSeething like an old croneDetermined to take the hated throneEven as you claim your lightDoesn’t mean that you are rightWielding scythe upon the youngSoon the dominion will comeRuling over fetid landsBelieving yourself to be grandWhile among the rats others dwellTrying toContinue reading “Grand Delusion”