Face Of Your Destruction

Lie through disaster of yester yearOr maybe just grab another beerLeave the dregs with pure fearAnother shot that got us here So with the putrid state of decayWatch the world as it spins awayGargle glass for another hopeOr will you continue to mope? Weave in the ash of fallen treesA time to come where thereContinue reading “Face Of Your Destruction”

X Number Times Ten

Whats the difference between sixteen and six?Both are close enough to mixThe latest excuse in a long lineNext you’ll be saying that a computer committed crimeSounds so dumb and its why you can’t explainJust stop with the lies cause they’re lameAll you’re doing is just digging a graveAt no point is what you’re doing anContinue reading “X Number Times Ten”

Sole Remnants

Alright. This week it’s another Sci-Fi story. Again, I’ve managed to keep this one on the shorter end (roughly 10,500 words). This one is a little different as there is no violence. It’s definitely more about the journey. Even had an idea for a follow up. Not going to say anymore as I don’t wantContinue reading “Sole Remnants”

Ice In The Veins

Hi! Weekly post story time has come around again. This week it’s a Sci-Fi story set in space involving a man who doesn’t like the idea of being put into a Cryo pod for the duration of their voyage. It’s on the shorter side (for me) at roughly 10,700 words. Hope to keep going withContinue reading “Ice In The Veins”

Scene Of The Time

Bang bang, and then you’re deadGot bullets, shot through your headSad state of affairs, i’d like to sayCause its like peace, has simply flown away You could say free, but that would be cruelLike a body, face down in a swimming poolBlood thirsty, and determined to killHow about calling a pause, to the bill Otherwise,Continue reading “Scene Of The Time”