Back again with not only another story (as is usual on a Wednesday) but a fourth part to the ongoing series. If you haven’t read the first three parts they are: Overcharge, Fragmented Friends and Lost Asunder (really hoping these links will work and send you to the right pages). Previously I said I mightContinue reading “Rooted”

Twist It In

A stab to the backNot giving you the slackWeaved a lie filled webTrying to make us deadBut the cries will not failOur hopes will prevailNow stop all the hateVictim of a mateYou were the monsterBeast with no honourStriking at the heartMaking it turn darkIce in the veinsKilling off the brainsCorpse to a shellCondemned to hellSoldierContinue reading “Twist It In”


Riding along the walls of goldFrom the market that turned coldThe night air is setting inAnd the voices are lost to oblivion Wings of white seem so greyWith rusty nails screaming decayBut none of this can be realIf it is then I surrender to deal Now the snow is knee deepMy horse is lost inContinue reading “Foretelling”

Monotony Is Monotone

Hi! Hope you all are well. This Wednesday, as is normal, I have a new story (it’s about 8,200 words). It’s a Sci-Fi story, eventually, but was not written like one. Usually, I know a story is Sci-Fi whereas this one I had to think on its categorisation. Don’t want to spoil anything but theContinue reading “Monotony Is Monotone”