Bloody Banquet

Hey everybody! Story day is here again. This time I’ve got a fantasy story for you. There’s no blurb for this one as it was based off a single line I wrote (though I did do an outline before I wrote it). It’s not too long (about 9300 words) and there are no page breaksContinue reading “Bloody Banquet”

Dig And Weave

Digging in deeper to find the creeperA whole new persepctive on the lostWith stars still falling from the skyWill there ever be a reason why?No point on dwelling as the tide comes inSoon everything will be wiped cleanBut still the voice continues to dwellUntil I demand that it does dispel Weaving between the woven roadsStillContinue reading “Dig And Weave”


Path of least resistanceWhat a cruel mistressHunting for your headWanting you to be deadStabbing at the eyesBringing hated criesBite the hands that feedsBreeding of miseriesTrue tale to tellTo the ground you fellPuncture to the mindNo hope to findLocked within a dreamBeing left to screamTortured by the hoursRestrained under powersNo choice for your daysAs each oneContinue reading “Oppressed”


Wednesday is upon us so without further ado here is Unhinged. Hope you like it! The bank is locked tight. Not because the working day has come to an end though. In fact, the sun is hours away from reaching its zenith. Instead, the bank is locked for a very different reason. Inside Jeremy MyersContinue reading “Unhinged”

Blurb: Unhinged

Hey! I’m back again with another blurb. This really is becoming a habit. Anyway, this is pretty different from what I’ve done before. There are no heroes in this story and when it’s published tomorrow you’ll see that it’s not very long (about 4000 words). So here we go! Ever actually lost your mind? IContinue reading “Blurb: Unhinged”

Cyber Kingdom

Mechanical hearts in your chest, so starkAnother dose of pain will bring you fameYou build your walls up high and sit insideBut can you really say that you’re alive? You replaced bone with steel, no careLook to the sky but there’s no one thereWhat you hope for you can’t quite sayMaybe you’ve taken too muchContinue reading “Cyber Kingdom”

Look Around

Float along the endless windsWhile far below the water singsUp high above the fluffy cloudsSunlight keeps the skies alive Far below the tidal wavesWhere fish and fauna hide awayAll is black and silentBut still life is so vibrant Drift along the countless dunesAbove and below there are tunesAs the sun does bake the groundBeauty ofContinue reading “Look Around”


Drink from the poisoned chaliceOne that is filled with malicePrepared by the heathen godsManufactured to squew the odds Mounted atop the blackened throneConstructed from bleached white boneCrowned upon the fields of doomBeyond which lies the bloody moon Sip at the sulphur streamsFrom which come innocent screamsDrowning in the filthy crudNo more cries of bonded byContinue reading “Poisoning”