Wednesday! Story day! Well I dropped the blurb yesterday, so not much to say about the story itself other than it was inspired by The Mandalorian, seeing as I re-watched it recently. Other than that this is a shorter story (about 9100 words) and I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you like it! Karas isContinue reading “Gunslinger”

Blurb: Gunslinger

OK, so this is the blurb for the new story. It’ll be coming tomorrow. That’s all folks! Karas is a gun for hire that does bounty hunting work on the side.He’s refered to as the ‘slinger because of his quick draw and lethal efficiency.He says little, but his actions more than make up for hisContinue reading “Blurb: Gunslinger”

Did You Really Think You'd Get Away

Six AM when I get the callAnother body in another hallThe same pictures in my headI wonder what I’ll be faced withClimbing into the drivers seatIgniting another cancer stickBarely able to stay awakeI need to feed this caffeine headacheAs I meander down the streetDreading how long this will takeKnowing I’ll be sick to my stomachJustContinue reading “Did You Really Think You'd Get Away”

For Kings And Fools

Lying atop my rusted shieldOut in the middle of this bloody fieldDevoid of a weapon to wieldMy skin will soon be peeledInnards will then be revealedWhich means my fate has been sealedAs I die upon this battlefieldI wonder if I should have squealedWould your words have been repealed?Or would I have been concealed?Either way IContinue reading “For Kings And Fools”


Twisting flesh from brittle boneThe blade’ll never leave me aloneBefore the sting of fearful painA dose of madness to the brainWhile shedding life for miseryThe catch is breaking decencySo with little hope of getting outI dwell within the tattered routeWhere blood is drained from the veinIn the moments before malevolent fameWith needles worming deeper inTheContinue reading “Malevolent”


The day has come. This is Locust. It’s a shorter story than those I’ve done recently (about 10,000 words). Let’s get to it. N’yur is crouched low behind a barricade that cuts one of the last main avenues of what remains of the Praetor capital of Aesur off. Ahead of him there is only destruction.Continue reading “Locust”

Blurb: Locust

This is going to be the next story (which will as normal be posted tomorrow). Not sure this should be called a blurb or a premise, but either way here is the reveal of Locust! A sentient race known as the Praetor are at war against an unknown alien species. The Praetor are losing againstContinue reading “Blurb: Locust”

Stay Away

Should I listen one last time?I think I should just be ignoringHands over ears and humming loudI’ve never been all that proudJust don’t want to hear the excuseI know you can’t tell the truthFaced the reality so long agoJust wish I’d left then tooNot stayed and fed you my loveOnly for you to strike fromContinue reading “Stay Away”

All On You

Down you go againFeeling lost withinCursing as you fallNever on the ballBut will you always be…So falsely melancholy?Trying to shift the blame…Onto anothers frameOr will you finally admit…That you’re the only culprit? Caught by the netStill so unrepententAs the excuses comeNever an honest oneSo as we sit and wait…You procrastinateA part of your game…In whichContinue reading “All On You”